Archive Boxes

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Archival Boxes:

  • Archive boxes are important for storing documents in the office.
  • It is essential that archive boxes are sturdy and strong to hold the documents and not collapse when moving boxes from shelf to shelf or to new premises.

      Boxes are available in various sizes:

    • Standard foolscap archive box
    • Jumbo foolscap archive box
    • A4 Jumbo archive box
    • Storage box and lid
      It accomodates:

    • A4 documents and folders
    • Foolscap folders
    • Ringbound binders and Lever arch files

    • Archive file clip
    • Archive Label
    • Backing board

    Archival Procedures:

  • Following procedures for archiving documents correctly is critical, errors made during archiving may result in not being able to retrieve the documents at a later stage.
  • Security and confidentiality of archived files are important as documents could contain sensitive data.
  • Archiving involves the removal of “old” or “inactive” files from the main filing system – freeing up space for current files which are accessed regularly.
      Archiving procedures:

    • what must be archived;
    • when it must be archived and for how long;
    • how it must be archived;
      Archiving process:

    • documents to be batched onto a backing board and secure with a archive clip;
    • documents to be stored into designated archive boxes;
    • all archive boxes to have a label, with the contents, archival and retention dates;
    • colour-coded stickers denoting the year of the documentation can be stuck to the outside of the box. The stickers will assist with identifying destruction dates;
    • archive boxes not to be overfilled;
    • archive boxes to be packed in alphabetical or chronological order, whichever is most appropriate to the records;
    • archive boxes can be stored on racking in the storeroom or basement;

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