Containers, Files, Dividers and Labels

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  • Containers are supplied in knock-down format, with easy assembly onsite.
  • Containers are used to house A4 and ring bound documents.
  • The hold-it labels are used to index the contents in the containers.
    • A4 Plastic container
    • Container hold-it label
    • A4 Board container
    • Desk organizer – to organise files on your desk


  • The colour of the files is light cream, made from custodian board and of local origin.
  • Top corners of the files and flaps is rounded to alleviate paper deterioration and “paper cuts”.
  • The file specification and reference number appear on the cover of the file.
  • On the inside back and outside front cover, a scale is printed to indicate positioning of labels according to alphabetical, numeric, date or diary format.
  • The inside back cover have a marker for placement of file clips, where necessary.
  • All files measure 310mm x 220mm.
    • Light weight files – 120gsm
    • Medium weight files – 190gsm
    • Height weight files – 240gsm
    • Expanda heavy duty files with clip – 380gsm
    • Heavy duty file with flap and clip – 380gsm
    • Heavy duty file with elastic – 380gsm


  • A4 File divider – 120 gsm
  • The colour and the scale ontop of the file divider matches the file.
  • The divider is pre-punched for immediate use.
  • The front of the divider have lines to facilitate taking of notes.
  • A4 File-out card – 240gsm
  • The file-out card is used as a marker within the master file box; and
  • Between different files to flag retrieval or indicate divisions.
  • The scale on the divider match those on the files.


  • Black file clip
  • Injected moulded nylon clip, with adhesive backing to facilitate adhering to files.
  • The clip allow the removal of a sheet of paper from the file, without disturbing the sequence.
  • Masterfile box – 320gsm
  • The masterfile box is used to sub-divide contents within the A4 plastic container.
  • It is used to accommodate ringbound documents, magazines, brochures and catalogues.
  • Three masterfile boxes fit into one A4 container.


  • Available in various colours to facilitate effective colour coding.
  • Clear protection labels is available to protect and secure the colour label.
  • A label programme is available for computerized label printing.
  • Labels can be handwritten if preferred.
    • Laser labels
    • Clear protection labels

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