Filing Services

On-site Filing Conversion

We sort, file, label and index your documentation…”

Does your company have difficulty retrieving documents and files when it is needed?
Are your documents often misplaced, causing frustration and panic? Are you wasting time and money trying to sort through records?

We can take care of it for you… All businesses review their existing filing system at some point, either due to expansion, relocation or merely a need for re-organisation. There are various benefits of an upgraded system, but the thought of doing it can be daunting. The logistics are frightening, not to mention the disruption and the huge risk of losing files.

Indawo specialises in assisting businesses to organise and store their documents for quick and efficient access. Whether you are converting lever arch files or suspension files to an A4 containerise filing system; merging colour coded files from various locations into one central location; or moving your filing system, we can assist with the conversion.

We understand the principles and standards of good records management. Let us assess your requirements, we will convert old fashioned, inefficient filing systems to an efficient and productive paper based system.

The entire conversion takes place on-site and clients have access to all their files throughout the operation. This means that your customers and stakeholders do not suffer any frustrating downtime.

Pre-labelling and preparing of files:

“Indawo can ease the conversion of your existing system…” Simply provide us with a listing of your existing file labels and we will type, print and attach labels to your new files.


“Indawo will provide training to your staff to use and maintain the new system…”
We train your staff onsite, to ensure that they are fully proficient to use your savvy new filing system.


It is vital that an effective paper management system is designed to create a lean paper environment in which all items are stored in the most effective and economical way. Items infrequently accessed can be housed out of the way, creating more room around workstations. Documents used less often can be stored using less expensive equipment such as steel racking. Documents no longer accessed can be moved from the archives to an off-site archival facility.

Why Archive:

  • Archives are the memory of an organisation and provide evidence of past activities and decisions.
  • Archives provide primary evidence of the activities and decisions of the parent office or organisation.
  • Archives facilitate political, economic and social research by enabling scholars to investigate past decisions and events as portrayed in the original documents of an organisation.
  • Archives are also required for their functional information value. Archives enable an organisation to perform its daily operations in a logical, responsible, legitimate and consistent manner. Written and recorded evidence of business decisions, actions and transactions can be retrieved and referred to on a constant basis. By retaining archives, offices can ensure their operations and functions of the organisation are transparent and those responsible held accountable for past actions and decisions.
  • Archives protect the legal and financial rights of an office or organisation

Installations and Relocations:

“We dismantle, move and re-install bulk filers and steel racking…” Installing high density mobile bulk filers is a specialised trade. Indawo has a highly-qualified team that installs, relocates and services high density mobile bulk filers. Our installation teams are trained to use the latest techniques to dismantle, move and re-assemble systems. Installations and relocations are done with little or no disruption to your operations.

Filing Systems Maintenance:

Do you need a maintenance plan for your high density mobile filing system ? We can put together a customized plan that will ensure your filing system operates and performs the way it was intended to.

Moves – File Relocation:

“We do systematic packing, moving and unpacking of files…” Packing up and moving your files from your old location to your new location is a big job. Ensuring that your important records reach their destination in a safe and secure manner during a move is non-negotiable. The last thing your company needs is damaged, lost or misplaced files. The best thing you can do during this process is to choose the right moving company to save you time and money. Choose a company with a good reputation that is willing to work with you and who caters to your individual requirements to make your move as smooth as possible.

Choose Indawo. Whatever your requirements, we are the team that will get the job done right.



Indawo – put smiling back into filing…