Indawo’s Services

We offer:

  • Client consultations
  • Design and implementation of a variety of filing solutions
  • Facilitation of conversions to new filing systems
  • Sorting, archiving and indexing of documents
  • Maintenance and ongoing support to clients with new filing systems
  • Files and filing cabinet supplies
  • Assistance to clients that are relocating, systematic packing and unpacking of files
  • Relocation services for racking and high density filing units

OurĀ approach:

During the software process we:

  • Survey current systems
  • Report on findings
  • Provide detailed recommendations
  • Establish improved systems
  • Exercise budget control
  • Train staff
  • Design systems

During the hardware process we enable:

  • Efficient documentation flow
  • Reduction in workstation storage
  • Reduction in the cost of storage


Indawo’s filing survey department, offers professional and detailed advice on complete filing and storage solutions. Our survey crew conducts detailed onsite assessments for our clients, where every department is assessed to determine its existing filing infrastructure, including an analysis of:

  • hardware storage units;
  • componentry allocated for document storage;
  • documentation flow; and
  • software storage systems;

This enables us to submit customised recommendations to our clients on improvements to their filing systems prior to a move or refurbishment of premises. Access to all records, whether electronic or files stored in filing cabinets however, required, to ensure efficacy during an operation.

An efficient filing system enables an organisation to access important information easily when it is needed. An efficient filing system can be designed by implementing a file plan.

File plans specify how records must be organised once they have been created; it produces control measures that mitigates against risks such as misfiling and loss of information.

Getting your records organised does not require a complicated file plan. File plans should be easy to use and must ensure scalability.

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