Mobile High Density Filing Units

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Mobile high density filing units

  • Are widely used in open plan areas and filing rooms to achieve maximum capacity.
  • It’s the most space and cost effective storage unit available.
  • The units are manufactured in component form and assembled on site.
  • Due to its modular mechano-type construction it can accommodate any storage requirement.
  • It can be extended or rationalised to suit changing organisational needs.
  • The high density mobile system eliminates unnecessary passageway and saves space.
  • By mobilizing the bases which runs on mounted rails, only one aisle is necessary, bays can be moved easily to create an aisle where required, resulting in saving of floor space.
  • All materials are of local content therefore guaranteeing continuity of supply.
  • A 800mm long access area is utilised to access the cabinets.
  • The knock-down format lends itself to easy transportation.
  • Units can be dismantled and moved without any structural changes to the building.
  • Components clip into the sides of the units and can be adjusted by personnel without the assistance of a service crew.
  • A variety of components allows for flexibility of systems. It can house lever arch files, A4 and foolscap hanging files, A4 containerized files, Cd’s, stationery and archive boxes.
  • Units are supplied with a central lock box at the end of the unit, which locks both into the base floor and the top of the cabinet with locking bars operating inside the lock box.

    Technical Specification

    Unit Dimensions:

  • Mobile units are 400mm in depth and have a clear height of 2350mm.
  • The width of a single bay is 1100mm.
  • A single access of 800mm is allowed, unless otherwise specified.
  • Floor:

  • The base including the track is freestanding and measures 150mm in height.
  • Height adjusters are at 800mm intervals to allow for levelling.
  • The floor base is manufactured from 2mm rectangular steel tube.
  • The tracks are made of 80 x 6mm flat bar for a smooth running operation.
  • The tracking consists of guide, runners and anti-tilt guide bearings.
  • The flooring is made of 16mm thick chip board with a carpeting finish.
  • The rail joints are constructed to ensure a jolt-free operation of the mobile filing system both at the joints and the expansion joints.
  • Trolleys:

  • Trolleys are manufactured from 50 x 25 x 2mm tubing and flat bar brackets for the wheels.
  • The wheels are a convex shape to prevent tracking and are guided with sealed bearings, running on the side base.
  • The self-lubricating ball bearings with steel tyre run on a high carbon steel track reducing wear and friction on the metal track.
  • A torsion resistant through drive shaft operates all wheels simultaneously, so that each bay will start moving at the same time across the whole length.
  • The mobile bases are designed for unit loadings of up to 1000kg.


  • The frame is made of 1 mm thick cold rolled steel, which is powder coated to a minimum thickness of 80 microns for optimal protection against corrosion.
  • The frames of the units comprise sides,top and bottom that are bolted to the sub-structure.
  • The frame allows all internal fittings to be easily adjusted to suit changing needs, by means of perforated holes into which components can be clipped. These are fully interchangeable at 25mm increments.
  • The clip-in and pull-out components provide dual directional clips to prevent unclipping and tilting of components and ensure easy relocation.


  • Epoxy coating or decorative cladding panels designed to match existing décor.

    Our objective is to help you make an investment that will never let you down. With a streamlined, and uniform system, productivity will rise and operating costs will drop which means an increase in your bottom line.