Mobile High Density Filing Unit Components

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Mobile high density filing unit – components:

Componentry provides for flexibility of systems and can house any filing system and storage requirements, namely; Lever arch files, A4 or foolscap hanging files, A4 containers, CD’s, disks, videos, stationery, computer equipment and archival boxes.

Adjustable shelf:

  • For lateral retrieval of A4 containerised filing, lever arch files or archive boxes.
  • Shelf load capacity: 120 kg
  • 5 x Shelves per bay for lever arch filing.
  • 6 x Shelves per bay for A4 containers.

Shelf wire racks:

  • For the use of lateral and lever arch filing.
  • Wire rack can be fitted onto the shelf to support and hold files in an upright position.

Pull-out tray/ Stationery drawer/ CD drawer:

  • For the use of top retrieval files, storage of stationery, CD’s, disks and videos.
  • 5 x Trays per bay with 2 additional shelves.
  • 9 x A4 containers per tray.

Pull-out cradle:

  • For the use of A4 or foolscap hanging/suspension files.
  • 5 x Cradles per bay with 2 additional shelves.

Lockable shelf door:

  • To lock-off a shelf within a bay, storing away high value items, such as laptops or cameras.